Saturday, 9 February 2013

English - Refi Revolution Team's Mission Statement

1) The Lord Jesus Christ is our Saviour, Messiah and the rock on which we stand. He is the corner stone and head of all that we do on behalf of the school.
2) We utilise resourceful methods used in media and public relations to create a better environment in Sárospataki Református Kollégium Gimnázium.
3) Our team comprises of a combination of staff and students with a vision to facilitate beneficial opportunities that allow for Spiritual, personal and academic growth. This includes creative expression, team building, language workshops, leadership development and life skills.
4) We seek to be a catalyst within the faculty, inspiring all involved with the school to become proactive for God within it.
5) We aim to repair old relationships and make new connections within the college as a whole, as well as on a local, national and international level.
6) We are openly reaching out for support on all levels - but the most crucial support we need is prayer. 
7) We are also in need of practical help implementing such opportunities to come to fruition, as well as our Hungarian and worldwide brethren joining us in fellowship.

What will RRPR do?
Carry out internal and external market researchto identify any areas in need of improvement.
Using the acquired research, we will create and follow through on actions plans to meet the needs of the students and teachers.
Send press releases to local newspapers about Refi events.
Regularly update the RRPR blog with news articles, interviews and features on what is going on at Refi.
Fundraise internally and internationally, with the aim of generating a long-term income for the school.
Organize educational workshops, events and arrange missions to the school for our internationally based Christian brethren.

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