Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Seek The Lord and Live - message

Seek The Lord and Live

Yes! It really is that simple!

Amos may seem a rather grim prophetic book and even a little scary but it is no less relevant than anything else God has to say. We often like to avoid that which is uncomfortable and thus, fail to see how amazing God is and how great His message is.

“Seek me and live” The LORD says, in Amos chapter 5. 

In fact, He repeats it twice in the same passage, as well as in countless other passages of the Bible…

The first thing that The Lord put on my heart was the use of repetition, particularly as they are so close together.

So, why? Is it just for emphasis, maybe? Or, does God repeat this phrase to reassure His people that this is still the way to life, to His Kingdom?

I believe it is all of the above and more. 

As beautiful and simple as these four words may be, let’s jump back a chapter and find out the main reason that God keeps repeating Himself again and again to us, His people…

The phrase, “yet, you have not returned to me” is used not once, not twice but five times in chapter 4 of Amos!

Five times, that's incredible! 

The Lord is repeating Himself because His people were not seeking Him. They had not returned to Him despite all the good He had done for them and all the punishments He brought upon them for wavering in their Faith.

However, they just weren’t getting the message and unfortunately, a great deal of the time, neither do we!

Let's do a heart check.

We are no less ignorant to God’s hand in our lives, at times, than they were in the time of Amos. Sometimes we forget to turn to God in thanksgiving for His Blessings and even in our troubles, we seek advice from others before Him.

Some of us pray more so when we want something and miss the soaking time in prayer where we can truly connect with The Father. 

We often have expectations for God to meet in our lives. 

We take a childlike tantrum when we don’t get the thing we wanted, when we wanted it… What about what God wants? What about the one major thing He has asked us to do since the dawn of time? Seek Him. Followed by: and LIVE!

So simple, yet evidently challenging.

Eventually we cry out when we don’t get what we want, what we feel we deserve and wonder why God ‘doesn’t answer’. Maybe because we shut Him off as soon as our wish-list is complete... Or, often His silence is as clear an answer as any. 

I asked myself when I read this passage: are you still truly seeking Him or the things He can give you? Did you get side tracked? 

You see, it is always in our nature to be selfish, even greedy, at times but we need to reel our ego back in regularly and be firm with it. It is a trap that we can all fall into and we do - repeatedly.

When things don't work out the way we had hoped, don't ask 'why isn't He answering me', instead; ask 'Am I truly seeking Him? Have I returned to Him? What is my communication block?'

It is not a sin to be blessed, pleased don’t get confused, but your intention is important as it comes from your heart. Christ told us that it is out of our heart that we sin and defile ourselves.

Find out if your intention is to have a closer relationship with your true Father or is it to look good to those around you? There are only two who know that which is truly in your heart... that's you and Him. Be honest with yourself and then rebuke, where necessary. Seek Him in all that you do.

Ask yourself, have you returned to Him after the last time you strayed or is it just a matter of keeping up appearances? Who do you fear, the LORD or the people? His judgement or theirs?

Have we become complacent in this comfortable ‘Christian’ life we may have created and come to love?

There will be times when we may waver, we may become weak in Spirit or Faith but if you seek The LORD your God with all your heart and soul, you will find Him.

Are you open to all that God is saying to you today, this very day? He has a message for you and for me every day. He wants to talk to you and to be with you in all the areas of your life. 

Do you repent daily of any moments of doubt? Do you want to know Him? And, I mean to truly know Him personally.

Return to your Dad, brothers and sisters, seek His love and live. 

He wants you more than you could ever imagine.

“Seek me and live."

Given to Aiysha Jebali

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