Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Short Feature - Refi's Got Talent!

"And it goes like this"

These are the words that everyone in the school's Imaterem were singing along to on Saturday night, as Demkó Ferenc took the stage. 

He shocked even the organizers with his slightly unorthodox act!

As an English teacher, well known for his musical talent - no one expected juggling!

You see, Sárospataki Református Kollégium Gimnáziuma hosted the first 'Refi's Got Talent!' parody talent show on Saturday 15th December 2012. It was a night to remember for all whom attended. All for different reasons maybe, but nonetheless, positive ones! 

The 'Refi's Got Talent!' stage saw everything from a South Korean style dance troupe to a teacher who juggles like he recently escaped the circus! 

The evening was hosted by none other than Pándy-Szekeres Daniel and his brother Pándy-Szekeres Aron. 

They could not have picked a better double act to carry the show from beginning to end. The brothers kept everyone entertained in between performances and had great chemistry with the judges. 

The judging panel was made up of Tóth Nikoletta (English and Maths teacher), Szabó Viktoria (English and Hungarian grammar teacher) and Végh Balázs (School Financial Advisor).  

Nikoletta could only be compared to Amanda Holden, with her ridiculously positive comments. Viktoria held the tag of Simon Cowell superbly, with her soul crushing comments to the students and her colleagues alike. Balázs acted as mediator - with some hilarious comments to boot, comparable to Britain's very own, Piers Morgan. 

The place was filled with laughter every time the Pándy brothers went to the panel for comments.

There was a sense of unity between teachers and students and everyone left with a smile on their face at the end of the night.

The show was organized by the 'Refi Revolution Team', the school's public relations group. This team is made up of students and teachers, with the aim of being the voice and face of the high-school. 

Since its inception, in October, the team has done an array of innovative and helpful things for the school in a very short time. 

'Refi's Got Talent!' was their debut event and its mission was to raise funds for the team's endeavors in the UK. They raised 13,445 HUF (38 GBP/61 USD). 

All the money raised will be put towards the costs to be incurred during February 2013, as they wave bon voyage to the school's gates and travel to the United Kingdom. 

In the UK, the team will be working with Churches to publicize the school and raise awareness of Refi's mission. 

Also on their agenda is the youth festival, set for April 2013, which will have Refi host an all round showcase of talent from art, singing, dancing, creative writing... and so much more, from youths all around the area of Sárospatak. It will be an open event for all who wish to attend!

Watch this space!

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